My name is Angel. I have been a fan of soap opera’s since 1990, at the age of 4. The first soap opera memory is when Tad Martin (Michael E. Knight) and Billy Clyde Tuggle (Mathew Cowles) were fighting on location on a bridge. The bridge exploded and they fell. Billy Clyde died and Tad got amnesia. He left his life in Pine Valley on his wedding day to Dixie Cooney (Cady McClain) by hitchhiking.

What I love about soap operas is the theme song and opening titles. I was a member of Brian Puckett’s (Kindred Spirits) The World of Soap Opera Themes from 2000 to the sites closing in 2008.  Soap opera journalists such as Roger Newcomb (“We Love Soaps”),  Na’Vell J. Lee (“Buzzworthy Radio”) and Mike Jubinville (“Daytime Confidential”) were frequent posters on WoST’s  message boards. I was know as Angel-Marie on the site and I even helped create a parody of the soap operas called “As The WoST Turns.”

Anyway, why am I here? My love for soap opera themes and openings has made me think about reviewing them. I am doing this for a class but I want to expand upon it. I want to review the current show openings/theme songs but also review past openings to see how they shaped soap operas. I may even post some recreations of soap opera opening that I have done.

So enjoy!


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