Best to Mess: One Life to Live | Part 2: Best

I have a feeling the best opening of OLTL is the most predictable thing ever. So I might as well go on with it…Here’s what to do when you don’t find the rainbows end…:

The version of the opening with Peabo Bryson’s lyrics debut in the opening in 1986, so if you are keeping track it has been 25 years.

It was a very awesome opening for the mid 1980’s. Having characters faces superimposed over video shots of “Llanview” (really Harrisburg, PA.) There is a period of time, however where they were too lazy to update the shots of the actors and it showed because they were trying some new effect with the newer characters:

That’s really my only complaint of the opening but that problem comes with every opening that features characters.

It was so popular and iconic to One Life fans that during Starr X’D (<—that is not a laughing till you cry emotocon, it means crossed) Lover’s musical episodes, 3 versions sung by 4 actors on the show aired on top of the horrid version of the current opening. These versions were sung by Kassie DePaiva (Blair), Mark Lawson (Brody), and a duet by Jason Tam (ex-Markko) and Brittany Underwood (ex-Langston). I personally like the DePaiva version the best. Here are all three versions (I can’t put audio on wordpress):

Kassie DePaiva:

Mark Lawson:

Jason Tam and Brittany Underwood:

I think Prospect Park should remake the opening when they start airing OLTL in 2012. It would make the fans feel like they are watching the same show (add great writers, executive producer, and the same cast from ABC Daytime with some cuts since I keep hearing its suppose to be a weekly drama.) I know the opening video was remade in the 1996-2004 version but it wasn’t as iconic or catchy as the 1984-1991 version. If All My Children brought back the 1990-1994 opening in 2002, then this can happen. But let’s not make it a crappy opening like the 2004-2012 opening.


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