My opinion about AMC/OLTL crossing into cyberspace

Before I start, I have to discuss an issue. I stopped blogging because I had (and still have) to deal with a social issue that Maggie Stone had to face. Domestic Abuse. While it was not to the point where he slapped me it was pretty close. I had to get rid of all of my email accounts and change my phone number because it was on the verge of stalking. I do plan on blogging about it in a new blog shortly to inform people my age about domestic abuse.

Now I have to deal with an awkward transition… sorry…

Anyway, I am ecstatic to know that All My Children and One Life To Live have been picked up by Prospect Park to continue on the Internet:

However, it leaves me with one problem. Since General Hospital is basically getting the shaft in some cities (including my home affiliate WPVI in Philadelphia) due to Katie Couric’s talk show in 2012, does this give ABC more of a reason to cancel its final soap on the lineup? It may be a disguise in a blessing. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love web soaps (in fact, I will list my favorites and links to them at the end of the entry) I think they are in the same new media boat as when Guiding Light successfully crossed over from radio (which it had been at the time on since 1937) to TV in 1952 and lasted for generations before ending in 2009. However, if AMC and/or OLTL become successful as a result of the crossover, will soaps on  TV’s days be numbered? I mean most of you can argue that they ARE numbered. Even Jesse Tyler of Modern Family tweeted WHY they haven’t been cancelled decades ago (…and I tweeted him back a rather snide/offhand/borderline nasty comment but thats another story) but Sony/CBS has The Young and the Restless renewed until 2014. The same CBS who announced cancellations of two soap operas in one year (although the rumor had it that Proctor and Gamble wanted out of the soap opera business since Another World went off.)  So its very confusing as to WHO wants soap operas to stay and who doesn’t. We thought Brian Frons had no soul (apparently he laughed at protestors of the cancellation of AMC and OLTL) but he was sort of behind the transition of Nixon’s soaps to the Internet so…a half hearted thank you? Also, if you take more soaps away from TV, then the fact that they are in first place or last place won’t matter. I remember when there were 11 televised network soaps in 1998 now we will be down to (as of January of 2012) a heart wrenching 4 in a little over 10 years with the last 4 years (starting with Passions ending on NBC in 2007) having at least one soap off a network a year.

Now, my hope is that Prospect Park will be patient with AMC and OLTL and NOT let this go in the same direction that Passions being on DirecTV’s the 101 (now the Audience Network…ok?) did. I think the 101 dropped the ball with that one. I mean, not EVERYBODY can get satellite TV (my mom’s house for example is not allowed to get satellite TV and my friend wasn’t able to get it at his apartment.) And to think that it WILL get more subscribers was DUMB. I think DirecTV should have given it more of a chance.

My hope is that the two new reality shows on ABC will fail. But what I think will happen is this: The two new reality shows will have less overall numbers than AMC and OLTL but Frons will pull something out of his ass and say that the numbers are strong in other demos and they will stay on the air (also because reality shows are cheap to produce…which is why they have writers??)

Anyway, here are my favorite web soaps (or as We Love Soaps coined them, Indie Soaps)




The Bay/Far From The Bay:


Paper Cuts [Finished]:

Imaginary Bitches:

That’s What Mama Said:

Prom-ably Not (Personally, I think its the WORST of the ones listed but I am still going to give you the link because people’s tastes are different):

California Heaven:

Here’s a treat: my last semester at University of the Arts in Philadelphia I was involved in UArts Video. The web series project I worked on as an co-editor/crew member was titled “Three Kinds of People.” The other editor (this is before I grew a backbone) would take the project and do it on her own with me hardly being involved. This resulted in many errors that were not noticed before the release (including my and other crew members names being spelled wrong in the closing credits and the title in the first episode being “The Kinds of People.”) And also a very STRANGE soundtrack that I kind of thought what the fuck when first hearing it. By the third episode, it was better in quality. I am not sure WHY it ended because I was forced out of UArts after that semester. But my guess would be that the group didn’t have the patience producing a web series. Paper Cuts (another UArts production that was outside of UArts Video) was far more popular/taken seriously/organized as a web series so there was a higher bar to be set. The other series, Used Shoes, apparently had far less problems (except for controversial content.) That being said, here is…sighs…web series of UArts Video:











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