Let’s Hope For No More Tomorrow’s for Brian Frons

I have recently found out that Daytime’s Biggest Dummy, Brian Frons, was responsible for canceling a long running soap TWICE in the 1980’s. Search For Tomorrow was the longest running televised (since contender Guiding Light started out on radio in 1937)  soap opera on daytime in 1981 and 1986. It featured the late Mary Stuart as Joanne (Jo) and the late Larry Haines as Stuart (Stu). Jo and Stu were best friends and I believe that in the years the show was on the air, they were never paired together as a couple. Frons gave the industry high hopes that the show will get its ratings up in 1981 by getting the show to be filmed in Hong Kong. It was a stupid move of his since a daytime soap opera with low ratings cannot afford to go on lavish shoots. The show wound up getting a second life on NBC Daytime but the Dummy canceled the show again in 1986 (the year I was born) after a last ditched effort storyline in which a flood hit the town of Henderson. The only buildings left was Jo’s house and business.

The articles for Search’s cancellations can be found at these links:



When I first saw the final episode on The World of Soap Opera Themes in the mid 2000’s, I nearly cried even though I wasn’t a fan of the show since the show aired its last episode eight months after I was born. I would like to share the final scene of Search For Tomorrow (which includes the emotional closing credits) before I create some fire and hellstorm:

Now for the real reason I posted this. I have found a petition to get Brian Frons fired from ABC Daytime. It may not bring back All My Children or One Life to Live but it does show that Frons is unstable and wants the soap opera industry as a whole to suffer for whatever reason.

The petition can be found at this link:



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2 Responses to Let’s Hope For No More Tomorrow’s for Brian Frons

  1. WoSTBrian says:

    Why haven’t you continued to post, Angel? I just read all of your available posts and was hoping to read more…


    • Angel says:

      Hey Brian,
      Long time. I had to take a leave but I am about to post something. Thanks for your support!!


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