Best to Mess |Part 1: Mess | One Life to Live’s openings

In honor of One Life to Live’s last year on our screens. I decided to rate the openings from Best to Mess (worst sounds cliche, don’t you think.) This week I am going to do the messes:


OLTL- 1992-1995 opening

I use to like the music to this opening when I was a kid. But now, seeing where OLTL was back then with the groundbreaking storylines, such as Marty Saybrooke’s (played by Susan Haskell) gang rape and Viki Lord’s (played by the sensational Erika Slezak) multiple personalities that was created after her own father molested her, did we really need to see the champagne exploding when the new man walks into the girls bedroom? Also the whole opening in general reeks of a bad Calvin Klein commercial (One Life…Calvin Klein) and is a rip off of what the soap opera Loving’s opening which ran from 1991-1992.

I actually like the Loving opening way better than the OLTL one. The glass shattering was an awesome effect (more so than the phallic champagne) and the couple at the end embracing in the sunset was more realistic than the couple on the OLTL opening. Where the fuck do babies comes from? A champagne bottle? The more I try to make sense with this gawd awful opening, the crazier and senseless it becomes.

So 1992-1995 opening of One Life to Live: Messier than Jessica Buchanan’s back to high school storyline. NEXT!!

2004-2012 opening:

This was where a man, whom I referred to a Daytime’s Biggest Dummy in the last entry, decided re-branding ABC Daytime with similar openings would be a great idea. This was the worst excuse for an opening to come out of the ABC Daytime re-branding. The worst part is, when the show goes off the air, this is the opening that we will associate with the final year of OLTL.

What is so bad about it? The cast shots are horrid especially Bree Willamson’s Jessica Buchanan-Brennan-Ford’s sad attempt to be sexy. The fact that a stage light is in the way of Blair Cramer’s (played by Kassie DePaiva) shot. Don’t get me started with Jerry VerDorn (who portrays Clint Buchanan) awkward shots.  The first opening at least had some signs of buildings but as it evolved, it was replaced by squares and the title of the show flying around. A lot of the cast members who have been with the show throughout this opening , failed to have their cast shots updated. For some reason, current cast members John-Paul Lavoisier (who plays Rex Balsom) Michael Easton (who plays John McBain), Farah Fath (who plays Gigi Morasco) all had different opening shots through out the years the opening was in place. Long term actors like, Melissa Archer (who plays Natalie Buchanan) Bree Williamson (who’s opening shot I hate for another reason, the fact her hair grew like a lot since that shot first got recorded) and Robert S. Woods (Bo Buchanan) had the same shots since 2004. Aside from Williamson’s sexed up pose of Jessica needing a make over, Hillary B. Smith’s (Nora Buchanan) shot desperatly needed an upgrade. It looks weird now that Catherine Hickland (Lindsay Rappaport, Nora’s sworn enemy) got fired from the show. The initial shot in the opening was a shot of Hickland and a transition shot between Hickland and Smith’s shots. I think that they should have redone Smith’s shot when Hickland was taken out of the opening.

I think this is the only soap opera that if it weren’t for it ending in January 2012, I would say cut your losses and have a non-cast opening, like the good old days. You didn’t see Judith Light (who played Karen Wolek from 1977-1983) posing in an opening when she was on the show. The opening was centered on the sky (and *spoiler* I will talk about it more in the best section.) Once again I am going to bring up Loving. All of Loving’s openings were non-cast openings. As The World Turns would up having a non-cast opening in its last year after failing to put half the cast in its 2007 opening. Just please, put some music that is not from the end of the first act.

Something worth mentioning, Erika Slezak has two different shots. One wearing a pink top and one wearing a black top. I like the black top shot better. The pink top looks like she is thinking “oh, you are actually going to watch this crap, be my guest.” Not that OLTL is a bad show now. It was at the time of this opening, in my opinion. So I think the black top should stay and they should have had her re-shoot the pink top with more of a “Welcome to Llanview, PA” look on her face. Just my opinion.

So I that wraps up this mess. So I am going to go over why I love rest of the openings next time.

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