Two ABC Soaps…DEAD!!!

This doesn’t surprise me at all. I know this blog is suppose to be about Soap Opera Themes but I think we all need to take time out and think about what the cancellations of One Life to Live and All My Children mean to the world.

Daytime TV’s biggest dummy, Brian Frons, thinks that replacing the shows with reality/talk shows will fill the void in our aching hearts. Umm, no. Yes soap operas are a dying industry but wouldn’t saving two iconic shows by keeping them on the air prove that you care about people who watch soaps. First SOAPnet going off the air, now this.

Full article at this link:

Why is it that telenovella’s in Spanish-language countries and international soap operas like Neighbours in Australia and EastEnders in the United Kingdom are profitable? I am wondering if 10 in Aussie and BBC in the UK are actually listening to fans. Telenovella’s are a different story. They only stay on for a year and get replaced by, GASP, another telenovella. Keeps people interested in it.

My heart goes out to the hard working cast and crew of One Life to Live and All My Children. I saw an interview with Susan Lucci (when you think of soap opera’s you think of her) and she honestly didn’t know the show that made her famous was getting taken off the air.

Interview and article:

Now for all you fans of OLTL and AMC fans. I shall do what I do best. Post the first openings to each soap opera:

All My Children:

One Life to Live (ok second opening but I couldn’t find it on YouTube. Strange because their last anniversary show had the first opening.):

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