Let’s Recreate!

This post is different from the previous posts but it shows that people in the Soap Opera fan base are creative and passionate about their soaps.

Here are a few recreated openings (via youtube) that I have found :

The City Opening-

This opening is actually for the continuation of the storylines of the short-lived gem, The City. Smith wrote a few chapters of life happening in SoHo after the last episode in 1997. He included characters that weren’t on the show including Port Charles’ Ion Overman (who played doctor turned sexy vampire, Gabrielle), and the creator of the opening himself David Evan Smith. He is no stranger to putting himself as a character in openings. If you check out his channel, he casts himself as various characters in various openings he has created. I give mad props to you, Mr. Smith,  for doing that. I know I would love to be cast as Angie Hubbard’s daughter Cassandra Foster but I don’t have the guts putting my fat butt in an All My Children opening. Though, if Lorraine Broderick is writing now I could see a social issue storyline about gaining weight. But I digress.

I do love the casting choice towards the end of the opening. How great would it have been to see Heather Locklear as Sydney Chase’s (Morgan Fairchild) sister? Yeah, it would have cost the Mouse House more than she ever got paid on Melrose Place,  but it would have gotten viewers to see what is going on in SoHo.

I love shots of SoHo at the beginning and Sydney’s famous white boots when coming off the airplane was from the first episode. I like the shots of the characters from the first promo and even shots from the actual show.

As the World Turns Opening-
Perfect! The cosmic sounding opening did scare me for a time when I was a kid but once I found the opening on WoST, I loved it. Then to go a step above Chris Goutman and include the openings from the 1980’s (The World Turns On and On), 1990’s (Jelinda’s Theme) and the video globe from 1999. Bon appetite! If the world didn’t stop turning, I would have marched to their studios in Brooklyn and DEMANDED this be the opening. No cast members to screw up the opening, no “fancy” CGI opening, none of those bells and whistles. As the World Turns started out with an iconic opening, I think it should have ended with something iconic.

Mr. Lee (of “Buzzworthy Radio”) you should be proud.

Note: I, in no way, endorse Buzzworthy Radio money wise. I am just a fan and longtime soap opera peer of Na’vell J Lee.

I would like to thank people for the early support. The good news is that in my class we are required to write more postings (at least one a week.) So expect more from me, 😀

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