Like Sands Quickly Falling Down the Hourglass | Days of Our Lives HD opening 2010-present

Soap opera openings often fall victim to time constraints. NBC ‘s only soap opera Days of Our Lives, shortened its iconic opening to 15 seconds starting with the first High Definition episode on the shows 45th Anniversary show on Novenber 8th 2010.

When I first saw it on SOAPnet, I thought it was a SOAPnet edit. When I finally saw it on NBC, I was upset that such an iconic opening needs 15 seconds cut off.  The music, which has been a staple since its 1965 debut, is not played fully.  The opening is beautiful in HD but don’t fans want to see the sky going from sunrise to afternoon like it was in the 1993 update.

I do want Days of Our Lives to follow in the footsteps of CBS soap The Bold and the Beautiful. The show recently updated its opening in February. There has been different edits of the opening to fit time constraints. At least once a week, the full version of the opening has aired. Other days, the opening has been cut from its full length of 45-seconds to either a 26-second opening only featuring the cast or a 10-second opening only featuring the runway models.

What Days of Our Lives should do is bring back the full opening at least once a week and then have its 15-second opening on other days. Its opening is too iconic to be wasted away due to time constraints. I do not want it to end up like the defunct soap opera As The World Turns where it leaves out the theme song in favor of the music of the scenes before the opening. Speaking of the music, what happened to Days of Our Lives’ closing music? I do not like the underscore as the music. Days of Our Lives had a beautiful closing they don’t bother to use for the SOAPnet airings.

So lets, my friends, mourn the passing of the 1993-2010 Days of Our Lives theme because of time constraints.

While were at it, lets kick it OLD SCHOOL:


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