All My Concerns | Part 2 | 2004-2010 opening and 2010-present opening

Part 2 of All My Concerns focuses on Brian Frons’ branding of ABC Daytime with openings similar to each other starting in 2004. I always thought it was a bad idea because each opening looked the same and that ABC Daytime should be renamed “All My Life to Live in General Hospital.” It also focuses on the brand new opening which debut in December 2010 and if the opening is cursed to not be updated properly like its predecessors.

All My Children was the first opening to start the ABC Daytime rebranding of the openings. My problem with this opening was it looked too cheesy. I was having a conversation with people on a soap opera message board and they called the part where the pictures fly in the air above a town before Susan Lucci’s Erica Kane appears a Teletubbie moment.

The opening was easily updated in the beginning but had slacked off by 2009-2010. An example of this is when Amanda Baker’s Babe Carey Chandler died during the Great CGI tornado of 2008. She wasn’t replaced with her twin sister Marissa Tasker (then-played by Brittany Allen) until May of 2009.  In fact, that was the span of time the opening wasn’t updated to include the return of David Hayward (Vincent Irazarry) who wasn’t put into the opening until May of 2009.

By the 21st update of the opening in January 2010 (according to the youtube channel of ABCsoapfan88), no new or recasted characters were included and departing characters including David Canary’s Adam Chandler and Ray MacDonald’s Joe Martin were both still in the opening even though they retired in early 2010. Greenlee Smythe (played by Rebecca Budig) had returned to the show and stock footage from her time on the show before was added. The opening was in serious need for an upgrade but possibly due to the move of production of the show California, it wasn’t updated for nearly a whole year.

In comes the current opening which debut in December of 2010. This was just in time for the recasts of Marissa (currently played by Sarah Glendening) and Scott Chandler (now played by Scott Cosgrove who was previously with the show in the 1990’s.) The opening included characters that never appeared in the previous opening, a list too long for me to write. I am concerned with this opening. It looks like it will fall victim to the previous openings that updated early on and then stopped.

I am proud to say that this opening has been updated to take out Melissa Claire Egan (who played Annie Chandler) and include Christell Stause’s Amanda Dillon Martin, after fans were wondering why she wasn’t in the opening to begin with. It also updated shots of Madison North (played by Stephanie Gaschett) and Scott Chandler. It even added a teaser for Jackson Montgomery (played by Walt Willey) and Erica Kane fans that they may get back together.

It seems that the show is doing good with the updates, but only time can tell if they can keep up with updating this opening.

So the moral of these posts are, update your soap opera openings. You may have new viewers who are wondering why people aren’t on the show and if fans can come up with updated openings, who ever is in charge of updating the openings needs to step up and get their shit together and not get bored. Heck, I can update the openings. Just give me a computer with Adobe After Effects on it and I will do it.

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