All My Concerns | Part 1 | 2002-2004 opening

As my first article in this blog, I had a concern about soap opera openings not getting updated. Naturally, I could have picked The Young and the Restless’ current opening, which hasn’t been updated in several years. However, I am taking about a soap opera that in the previous decade had two openings that, for some reason, were updated easily in the beginning and slacked off in the end. I am talking about All My Children.

First, I am going to start with the 2002 opening. This opening marked the return of the iconic 1990-1994 theme song, in the form of a remix. The opening, which was split into two openings to featured all contract players, featured the cast posing in either a picture with a Polaroid of the character with a still from the show next to them, a framed photo album picture which looks like a single page, or two characters sharing a double framed picture. Susan Lucci’s Erica Kane appeared posing in a photo in both openings and her picture falls into a photo album, which closes and featured past scenes from the show’s then 32 year history before revealing the title at the front of the album. The way that the opening was unique is that the characters first names appear as if it was a signature when each photo was shown.

The opening debuted on the heels of Josh Duhamel (Leo Du Pres) and Marj Dusay’s  (Vanessa Bennet) exit from the soap. When both characters met their maker, Duhamel’s picture was removed from the credits. As for Dusay, who shared a double frame with Elizabeth Hendrickson’s Maggie Stone, the double frame was removed and Hendrickson was featured in a framed photo album picture. The next removal was when Live with Regis and Kelly host Kelly Ripa decided to leave the show to focus on, at the time, her new career as a talk show host. Like Duhamel, she was removed from he credits.

As the years went by, new, returning and departing characters were on the show. However, whoever was supposed to update the opening was slacking off. For example, in 2003-2004 the opening was not updated to include new characters, only to remove departing characters.  I remember in 2004, talking to my friend who was also a fan of the show. When we watching the opening, we named all the characters, which were introduced that year as contract players, that weren’t in the opening. Apparently, the opening became difficult to edit. Personally, I think this is bull crap.  When I was on The World of Soap Opera Themes, my fellow posters and I updated this opening. I remember my update of the opening using the full 1990-1994 release of the song edited so it won’t be too long and will also include the characters that were paired up as couples. It got a good response. However, I didn’t think to save my openings before my computer crashed so they are lost forever.

Next time,  we will talk about  the 2004-2010 opening.


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One Response to All My Concerns | Part 1 | 2002-2004 opening

  1. Tara says:

    I noticed you have a very clear theme between all three blogs–they all deal with Soap operas theme songs in the beginning as well as the closing songs on the various shows. It seems that you have a very strong passion for these shows and I like how you not only told your viewers about the changing of the theme songs but you expressed your opinion very clearly about what you felt about the new beginnings of the shows. I could tell that you were very upset about the new change in “Days of Our Lives” because of the time constraint. I am sure that was a very difficult decision for the producers/editors to decide what was to be cut out. I really like how you made it clear and said “So the moral of these posts are, update your soap opera openings. You may have new viewers who are wondering why people aren’t on the show and if fans come up with updated openings, who ever is in charge of updating the openings needs to step it up.” I think a comment like that will make your blog viewers respond and give you their feedback on what they think about those openings as well, which makes a great blog discussion. Your passion and knowledge on the topic really shows in your blog posts and I think you would get a great return on comments from people who also watch the shows and know how the openings are either not changing or changing too much. I watched the YouTube videos and that helped me because I have never seen the shows so I was able to see what you were saying about the theme songs.

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